Cead Mile Failte

Say hello to my little friend…

I bought this on Amazon for £400 pounds, my old pc was 15 years old, and was dieing. I came across this mini pc, it might be small, but it’s very fast.It has a Ryzen 7 CPU, with 32 gig of ram, a 1TB SSD harddrive and a 3 gig video card. It can be used for light gaming. It also comes with windows 11 pro installed and it takes about 30 minutes to setup.I was having problems with the sound, I couldn’t get it to work. I checked all the drivers and they where fine. But, I figured it out in the end, and it works fine.

This is the first time I have used windows 11 pro, it has a built in help system which is very cool. Say you have a driver problem, you type that in the search bar, and it will search for you and ask your permission to install a new driver, I would definitely recommend it, and it’s so easy to use.For £400 pounds it’s a cool little machine, for anyone starting off in computers, this would be grand. Before I came across the mini pc, I was saving up to buy a pc that I found on the dell site, it was £1,500 quid.

This mini pc is just as fast, the only difference was the graphics card on the dell one, which was 8 gigs. So I saved myself £1,100 quid (yay). So, if I need to play any demanding games, I will just use my playstation 5.