mild arthritis

I got my results, I was down seeing the therapist last Thursday, she said I have mild arthritis and that it wouldn’t get worse than it already is. If this is mild I would hate to see how severe is. She told me to do exercises, and told me to keep taking the painkillers at night, not that they are doing much good, for the pain. The pain is from my hip, then down to my knee, then down to my foot. So I have the pain in 3 fecking places, there is pain, and there’s pain. I’m abit in pain, when I walk down to the shop, but coming up again, it starts and I have to stop a couple of times. So, basically I’m fecked and will always have the pains, unless I get a painkiller that works or something else.

Wear and Tear

Wear and Tear…I have been having pains in my left hip, knee and foot. I thought it was sciatica or a trapped nerve. So, I called my doctor and she referred me for a x-ray, which I got done last Wednesday. So, I rang her yesterday and the results came back, she said it’s wear and tear in my hip, and that no surgeon’s would operate. So, she gave me another painkiller to take, I hope they help, as the pain can get very intense.


I’m listening to Oldskool Acid on it’s a very good radio station, they have a load of different music to listen 2.

Depending on what I’m listening 2, and if I have Photoshop open, and I’m designing something, listening to different music makes me create different designs.

I’m going to install InDesign tomorrow, and have a go at it. Apparently it’s for creating like magazines and newsletters etc, I’m thinking it’s more like DTP (desktop publishing) the last time I done that was about 30 years ago. And Adobe After Effects also looks cool, that’s for making videos or movies or games, animation’s etc. So I will have a go at that next week sometime.